About Us

Based out of Seattle, our focus is about providing high quality, environmentally friendly snowboards built to slay the mountains we all love.

L2R Snowboards is made up of riders who love the sport of snowboarding. L2R was started in 2010 when Justin, the founder of L2R, found out a good friend of his, Luke Dorsey, was diagnosed with cancer and had six months to live. Shirts and hoodies were made to tell Luke's story and raise money for cancer awareness, research and development. After the passing of Luke, an initiative was made to continue telling Luke's story through L2R. Through this initiative, Luke's initials continue to live on the Abstract model made by L2R to commemorate Luke and his love for snowboarding.

To this day, our mission is to strengthen the bond between board, rider, and the mountains we all have fallen in love with. Our goal is to give back to our communities by donating to foundations to help inner city kids and cancer research. We gain loyalty and appreciation by manufacturing high quality snowboards, building rapport with our customers, and helping support causes that hold true to our hearts.

Not only do we put emphasis on quality and durability, we understand aesthetics as well. We have many artists from all different mediums using our boards as their canvas. We hope to continue raising money for cancer, paraplegia, local communities and other deserving causes close to our hearts. With your support, we can continue to raise money for the company and aiding to cancer research and our communities. We are dedicated to bringing quality snowboards to an industry. The snowboarding community is our family and we are here to provide an amazing experience, story and vision for supporting and improving the action sports industry.

Be part of our family and live to ride.