Full tip to tail wood core of paulownia and poplar with pre-cured carbon strips between the laminates of wood.

Horizontal 45-degree grain wood stringers at the binding area to add dampening and torsional flex.

Carbon V-Pop stringers at the tip and tail for a little extra snap.

This is the board committed to Luke Dorsey. It serves as our commitment to the fight against cancer.

• Sintered Ptex Sidewalls

• Lightweight Triax Fiberglass

• Ptex 4000 Electra Base

• No V.O.C Epoxy

• Epoxy Formulated with Rubber

Traditional Camber

Camber with a flat mid-section and mellow sections at the tips.



Effective Edge: 119.0mm
Tip Length/Height: 18.3cm
Tail Length/Height: 18.3cm
Waist Width: 25.0cm
Sidecut Radius: 7.8


Effective Edge: 122.0mm
Tip Length/Height: 19.7cm
Tail Length/Height: 19.7cm
Waist Width: 25.7cm
Sidecut Radius: 7.7


Effective Edge: 124.5mm
Tip Length/Height: 20.2cm
Tail Length/Height: 20.2cm
Waist Width: 27.0cm
Sidecut Radius: 7.8